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Electric Dreams is a dynamic community of composers, producers and engineers working from South Melbourne, Australia.
We are an arts collective of 10 composers/producers in residence and an ever-growing extended family of artists, all who bring unique strengths and perspectives to their work. Electric Dreams is a modular business that flourishes on the creative interplay between its different ventures: it is a music house, a fully-featured recording studio, a record label and an online radio network. It is our integrated approach that defines us, allowing us to produce distinctive composition, production and sound design for a diverse range of media, from movies to games.




Our workspace is equipped with a collection of audio devices and musical instruments that includes the classic, the eccentric and the state-of-the-art, and we’d like to think it reflects our way of doing things. We’re always open to the idea of recording your music or furnishing your project with our own.


Electric Dreams offers audio recording and production services to artists, as well as composition and production services for film, television, games, advertising and radio. We can also master your audio.


We recently doubled our recording space with the construction of additional rooms. The newly completed Electric Dreams Studio, designed by Chris Morton of Arotech Design and Cornel Wilczek, consists of 4 Control Rooms, 2 Live Rooms, a booth, and a composition space. All our rooms have been designed to be light and comfortable and to interconnect; one room can easily ‘plug’ into another. This modularity allows us to effectively adapt to the scope of each project. Upstairs from the studio is a kitchen and dining area that includes a large balcony with a BBQ and a panoramic view of Melbourne.


Music composition and soundtrack is quoted on a per job basis.


Studio hire is very rare, but can be negotiated depending on the project and the rooms and engineers required.


Mastering is currently booked on a half daily basis. Contact us for a quote.


Mixing costs will depend on the length of the project and the studio space required.